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County leaders move forward with plan for Castle growth

December 8, 2016

An update by Adam Wasserman, Managing Partner of Global Logistics Development Partners ("GLDP"), on economic development potential at Castle sent a positive message at Tuesday’s Merced County Board of Supervisors meeting, and the supervisors unanimously voted to move forward with agreements and documents to continue the progress being made.
GLDP may take on an additional marketing role if the supervisors want it to pursue businesses currently expressing an interest in Castle.

Local students board area Amtrak route for glimpse of how government works

December 8, 2016

This week approximately 50 adult students from the Merced Adult School were to board Amtrak San Joaquins' north-bound to Sacramento to learn more about the benefits of passenger rail as well as learn in person about the State legislature, experiencing a face to face civics briefing at the State Capitol. They will learn how laws are made, passed, and what are the roles of State Assembly members and Senators.     MORE>

Our Pen Pal At Ninety Two

Times Publisher

December 8, 2016

It was almost three years ago when the letter came in the mail addressed personally to the publisher. Written in beautiful script, the writer used a yellow pad similar to the one which we use to cover meetings .
The letter was cheerful and uplifting, and the writer said she read the local newspaper from cover to cover. Seldom do we get such a positive review from a longtime reader.    

Label Technology named ‘Green Business of the Year’

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
August 4, 2016

Sometimes it seems like all you have to do is start a business in your garage and it will turn into a big success.
John Bankson, founder of Label Technology, did just that with his first labeling machine — and now his company is one of the largest in Merced County.   








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