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Breakfast With The Animals Great Way To Make Friends

By Lynda Brommage
September 25, 2014

More than 150 people showed up to support the Merced Zoological Society's third annual fundraiser, "Breakfast with the Animals," at the Applegate Park Zoo.
The zoo relies heavily on admissions, donations, and volunteer help to stay afloat and be able to acquire new animals," said Marlene Murphy, president of the Merced Zoological Society.
The $10 breakfast for supporters last Saturday also included admission into the zoo and activities for children such as face painting and arts and crafts.
"Mac, the mountain lion, is my favorite," said Analise Gallaway, 9, of Merced. "He has been here since he was little."
A new addition to the Applegate Zoo is "Macchiato," aka "Otto," a four month old raccoon confiscated from someone who killed it's mother in order to acquire the baby raccoon as an illegal pet. Another new animal is Julie, a 6-month-old coyote, who was found wondering around a parking lot. Both animals were illegally being kept as pets, and came to the Merced zoo from the Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center.    

City moves to inform public on Measure T

By Jonathan Whitaker
September 25, 2014

The Merced City Council is making a last ditch effort to inform voters about "Measure T" — the ballot measure that would divide Merced into districts for local elections.   MORE>

Like Everything Else, Are Subject To Change

By John Derby
September 25, 2014

There is an outcry over three bills which will change the water rights in this state forever.
The outcry comes from those who own the water rights. These same people and agencies have watched as levels of underground water have dropped in this valley at alarming rates.

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