Nothing Beats Kayaking To Another Beach For Breakfast

February 2, 2017

Not every day is perfect for kayaking, however, last Sunday the sky was clear and sunny, and temperature was in the mid 70s, so when someone said, “Let’s kayak to Santispac Beach for breakfast,” there were several takers.

Winds can also be a problem for kayaking and Baja Mexico has its share of windy days. Sunday, the water was like glass as we launched our kayaks around 10:30 a.m. and headed northeast for a beach which was a couple of miles away.

When the water isn’t chopping one can see the bottom at 10 feet. The fish were working the shoreline as we paddled close to the rock formations which jutted out into the bay.

The kayaks we use are Ride on Top Kayaks which are not difficult to maneuver in tight quarters. Those people with us were experienced kayakers and had no trouble making the trip to Santispac Beach.

Santispac Beach has no permanent homes on it, just palm covered leantos with people camped next to them in motor homes and other camping equipment. They say that Santispac is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Baja California and a picture of it will see the reason why.

At this time of the year it is occupied with three dozen RVs and a few tents. The water on the beach goes out gently for over a hundred yards and several local Mexicans have sight-seeing pangas (boats) parked on shore waiting to take tourists out to see the Whale Sharks.

We pulled our kayaks up on shore and then took off on foot for the nearest restaurant. It had a great reputation for serving breakfast as well as cold beer and other drinks.

Even though Sunday was one of its busiest days, the restaurant was not crowded. It too was a palm covered building with woven swamp reed walls and not much more than a common household stove to prepare the food.

Food preparation was slow but that was fine as we sat outside and sipped on Bloody Marys and beer. The weather was so nice after having built up a sweat paddling the kayaks from our beach to Santispac.

We ordered a combination of several egg choices. Mexican eggs and bacon were top on the list along with shrimp omelettes, and Chorizo and eggs. All were served with hot tortillas.

The latest news of the day was the topic at the breakfast table. No politics was allowed in the conversation and a good joke was worth a lot of laughs.

We finished the meal in good spirits and paid the bill which was a total of $15 for two breakfasts, two beers and one Bloody Mary. Now match that for living cheap.

Nothing could beat the scenery as we paddled home with the wind to our back, taking us briskly over the two miles home.

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