Americans In Mexico Getting Educated

February 9, 2017

Why would American parents want to put their children in a Mexican school?
Here in Bahai Conception, that is exactly what one parent has done with three of her sons.
She has taken them out of school in California, and enrolled them in the local school where they are the only ones who speak English.
The result is a big benefit to them and the other students in the school who are struggling with English.
Meanwhile, the parent feels the experience is worth the effort. Her sons may fall a little behind in some of their classes in California, however, the trade off is they will come home with a good grasp of Spanish.
They do actually teach formal Spanish to children in Mexican schools because the local Spanish used is far from correct Spanish.
While at school the American students are used by the Mexican teachers to help teach the Mexican students the proper pronunciation of English as we speak it.
Mexican schools might seem lax by American standards, however, there are many side benefits. For instance, the classes taught are directed at the jobs available.
Our Baja California area is dependent on tourism for a lot of the local income. So the Mexican school actually has a class on tourism.
This is a lesson our schools in California might learn from. We are graduating students from colleges and universities with degrees — but no one seems to question if there are jobs for the students once they graduate.
Meanwhile, south-of-the-border, Mexican students will be more prepared for the actual jobs. Some of those skills include cooking, and even making cocktails.
There is also a copper mine which pays the best wages in the area. They need workers who are better educated than the average. So the trade schools here, teach metallurgy, and some basics in mining.
One student who recently completed higher education with the assistance of a paid scholarship from Los Amigos, got a job in the copper mine and used his pay to build himself a home in Mulege (the closest town to us).
We might note here, that there is no such thing as a bank loan to help pay for building a home in our area. Homes are built by their owners, and sometimes these homes take years to complete.
Getting back to the American students attending the Mexican school … The parent from the United States also gets the benefit of being able to take her kids out of school while she is enjoying a vacation in Mexico. Apparently this is with the full approval of her local school in California.
She and her children are getting the best of two different worlds.

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