A Mexican Love Story

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February 21, 2019

Don Johnson came to the Baja peninsula in Mexico as a young man, and he fell in love with the country.

He decided to build a hotel and airfield in a town called Mulege to attract American pilots who loved to fish in the best fishing grounds in the world.

His hotel, called Serenidad, provided a landing field for pilots who would come for his weekly Saturday night pig roast. They would spend a night or two, and fly back across the border.

He not only got the pilots, but also famous people like John Wayne and Jane Mansfield would show up with their admirers from Hollywood and San Francisco.

There was just a dirt road, 600 miles from the border, and the only logical way to get in and out of Mulege was by plane.

Don was single and had all the urges of a single young man, but he was serious about such things as romance. The only thing that found his fancy was a beautiful Mexican young lady who was the mayor’s daughter. And she was very stand-offish.

He pursued her with all his admiration, and finally won her over, but there was a lot of resentment around town about Americans and their pursuit of young Mexican women. There were too many stories about the Americans and how they treated their women.

This young lady named Nancy was of a very high class Catholic family who would have none of the American.

However, as time went by, Don Johnson wore down her resistance and finally won the consent of Nancy’s father and mother to allow him to propose marriage.

The local priest; however, would have none of it and refused to marry the young couple even after Don agreed to study and become a member of the church. No amount of persuasion would change the mind of this priest who was convinced that the American was only after the young lady’s virtue.

Don Johnson decided if the mountain would not come to him than he had to move the mountain. So he flew to La Paz where the Bishop of all of Baja, Mexico resided. He went to the Bishop and pleaded his case saying that he was deeply in love with the young woman and would do anything to marry her.

Not only that, but he personally offered to fly the Bishop to and from Mulege if only the Bishop would sanction his marriage to Nancy.

The Bishop agreed to the trip, and there may have been a substantial donation to the church involved. One day before the wedding, the Bishop was flown to Mulege, and the next day, the wedding was held with all the pomp and ceremony of such an important young couple.

Then next day with everyone rested, Johnson had planned to fly the Bishop back; however, the Bishop refused the flight and said he would rather be driven on the terrible road back home than put his life in the hands of Johnson as the pilot.

Don Johnson and his wife Nancy lived in happy matrimony for almost 70 years, and when she died, he was as in love with her as the day he proposed.

They ran the hotel at Serenidad for all that time except when a group of indigenous Mexicans tried to say the land had been given to them in a land grant.

He took his case to the highest court in Mexico City, and finally won out when several dozen American pilots pleaded his case and said they would never fly to Mexico again if Don Johnson was robbed of his hotel.

He is 93 today, and the loss of his wife — the great love of his life — is still a part of the history of Mulege, Baja where we live.

Pilots still fly to his hotel and restaurant on weekends to enjoy what he has built.

His story is a true love story of Mexico.

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