Help Us With Good News About Atwater

February 22, 2018

Nothing concerns us more than what is happening to the City of Atwater, and recent controversies at City Hall. We have had a long history because Atwater was the place for our first serious news reporting assignment after returning from the Korean War and reporting for the Stars & Stripes press corp.

We made our home in Atwater, and had our second child at Bloss Hospital.

The worse thing about this current local political upheaval and controversy is the effect on the operation of the City of Atwater.

It’s turning the city upside down.

Potential City Managers have applied for the job in Atwater, but when they take a second look, they decide it is not the job for them. Top officials who were dedicated to their posts are suddenly out of the picture.

We made a commitment to the people of Atwater to be a Power of Positive Press, which, at times like this, is difficult.

So we are asking for your help.

We feel we can’t stop covering the kind of news being generated with the city’s upheaval, however, we can request our staff to do everything possible to look for the stories which show what a great community Atwater is.

Call us at 358-5311, or email ideas to:, if you hear or know of a good story.

We promise to follow up on it.

Call (209) 383-0433
or (209) 358-5311

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