A Message On The Bulletin Board

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
March 3, 2016

It’s amazing the things that show up on the community bulletin board in Posada Conception Bay, Mexico. There is no newspaper here, and no lost and found column, however, the rule is that if someone finds something along the beach that belongs to someone else, than it is placed on the bulletin board.
The bulletin board is also used by the beach restaurants when they have specials or rummage sales, even free yoga classes or sun ball tournaments.
We walk our dog past the bulletin board almost every other morning to find out what’s new in our beach park. Like tonight, one of the visitors from upstate New York is preparing grape pies for the whole community. We’ll be attending because we have tasted the grape pies and found them to be excellent.
We have even had personal experience with the bulletin board. When we headed the Casino Night to raise funds for security, the bulletin board was where we advertised.
In December, when we first came down to Mexico this year, we were out kayaking and managed to flip the kayak. Without realizing it, we lost our prescription glasses in the ocean, and resorted to using another back up pair which we had brought down with us.
We returned to California in January for medical reasons, and didn’t think much about the missing glasses, feeling sure they were just laying around somewhere. Than we returned to Mexico in February, and we were back on dog walk duty.
Passing the bulletin board, we saw a pair of glasses attached to a string, and while they looked like they might be ours, we thought there was no way they could have ended up on the bulletin board.
A friend took them off the bulletin board, and asked us, “Aren’t these glasses yours?”
On closer examination, the glasses were ours. They had washed up on the beach after almost two months in the water and someone found them. They ended up on the bulletin board.
Now having this happen once might seem unusual, but having it happen twice is even more amazing, and that is exactly what happened.
We were testing the new/used motor on our little runabout, and had just been out to see the 16-foot whale shark that was swimming off Coyote Bay. On the way back to our beach at Posada, a stiff wind came up and blew our cap off.
It was a special cap from the Aeolian Yacht Club on Alameda Island, and we thought it had just flown somewhere in the back of the boat. This was not the case, and we missed the well worn cap because it was the one which we liked to take fishing.
A couple of weeks went by, and we switched to another one of the dozen hats and caps we always have down here in Mexico.
Sure enough the bulletin board came to our rescue again. Our treasured cap had washed up on shore, and someone who saw the cap pinned to the board asked us, “Isn’t this your cap?”
Amazing, just amazing.

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