The Response To ‘Dark Side Of Medication’

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
March 10, 2016

Rarely have we received more response to an editorial than the response we received about the “Dark Side of Medication.”
These were personal responses, and some not meant to be published as letters to the editor.
The responses were only regarding the use of one drug labeled Amiodarone which has been prescribed for arrhythmia or irregular heart beat.
One woman said her husband’s entire personality changed after he started taking the drug, and when he drove at night he experienced an aura and it became progressively worse. “He acted as if he had severe Alzheimer’s,” she wrote, “He became angry and fidgety.”
Another writer said after her husband took Amiodarone for two months he developed a cough which would not go away. One of the side effects mentioned was that if a patient develops a cough he should go see his doctor.
The doctor said stop taking the drug right away and sent him to have his lungs tested. There was already some damage, but in time it healed, and four years later, he was advised by another doctor to take the drug.
When he refused the doctor said, “I have hundreds of patients taking this drug,” but the wife said her husband refused to take it.
In the same letter she wrote, “A friend of mine lost her husband after he took the drug and it destroyed his liver.”
Since we have stopped taking the drug, our body and mind seems to have returned to normal, but it took over a month, and we only took the Amiodarone for less than a month. Since we were taking seven other drugs at the same time, it required stopping all drugs while we evaluated which one was causing all our problems.
We have several questions which arise from the experience.
Because a drug company lists the possible side effects of a drug, does that absolve them from any liability for those effected when taking the drug?
Is the doctor somehow responsible for prescribing the drug or continuing to prescribe a drug once he or she has found it to detrimentally effect patients in their care?
Are drug companies responsible for “pushing” certain drugs which they are able to make big profits from?
Are the profits which drug companies make sometimes out of line with the costs of development and research?
And finally, has the research been adequate and ongoing?
In the case of Amiodarone, we only had a problem with one of the many drugs which we have taken and we are still taking. One cannot even turn on the television without hearing advertisement for one or more drugs and the side effects which make up such a long list that the advertisement has to speed up the language in order to fit it all in the advertising time slot.
Have we become “a cure by medication” world?
And what is the long term effect of all the medications bombarding our bodies?

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