Mishap Becomes Brussels Sprouts Lover’s Dream

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
March 17, 2016

The truck was on its way north from Loreto, Mexico, when it came around a corner too fast.
The truck went off the road and dumping an entire load of brussels sprouts.
Fortunately, the driver was unhurt but the truck was in very bad shape, and the load of brussels sprouts was spread out over a hundred feet.
Now brussels sprouts are not everyone’s favorite vegetable, but in Mexico when something is thrown out of a truck like this beside the road, the locals have a hay day, or in this case, a brussels sprouts day.
The problem is that this truck load of brussels sprouts was big enough to feed an army. Even brussels sprouts lovers were overwhelmed with the sudden and unexpected benevolence.
When something like this happens at our beach community in Posada Conception, then it is big news, and then the question of what to do with all the brussels sprouts becomes a problem.
One woman literally came by with a box full of brussels sprouts and asked us to see if we would hand them out to others in the park.
One family said they had the brusselS sprouts four nights in a row, and even steak would become boring that often. Then the topic of discussion at happy hour on the beach became how to prepare brussels sprouts.
One recipe called for Italian salad dressing and Parmesan cheese, while another suggested cooking them in butter. Recipes came to the park in the form of emails, and if that wasn’t enough, there were the trusty cookbooks.
There was a recipe for stir fry brussels sprouts. One lady pickled them and another homemaker insisted they needed to cut them in half in order to rid of the bitter taste and make them tender.
Posada Conception has a party about once a week for something or another, and this week the ladies of Posada had a get-together called Joni’s Wine and Chocolate. It is a traditional thing and generally there are a few surprises in the menu.
However this year’s surprise beat them all.
Chocolate Covered Brussels Sprouts anyone?

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