Former Reporter Visits Us Down In Baja California

April 5, 2018

A lot of people say they will come to visit us in Baja California, Mexico, however, we can count on both hands, the number who have actually made the trip in the past 20 years.

Fear has to be a factor, but there is little to be afraid of. The cost of making the trip is a factor since most people want to come down when the children are on vacation.

Unfortunately, the airlines take advantage of this and up the prices on tickets. Alaska Air is really bad about this and we were told recently that it would have cost over $2,000 to get a round trip ticket to our area from Sacramento over the Easter break.

People who live here and want to bring down family, look for better ways and cheaper ways to cut down on that expense.

We just had a former employee visit for a few days, and she was very fortunate because she came down on a buddy pass set up by Southwest Airlines. It was a special deal and not available to just anyone.

She flew into Cabo from Oakland and that was about a four hour flight, then grabbed a bus to La Paz. The bus ride from La Paz to our house was a little over six hours, but we met the bus in Loreto and toured the city after a nice lunch on the waterfront.

Loreto is what might be considered a tourist town as it does have a small cruise liner which visits a few times every week and brings loads of people ashore. Local venders take advantage of this and there are rows of tourist shops selling all kinds of merchandise.

The afternoon of lunch had to be topped off with a grand margarita and shopping before we headed to our little beach front development on Bahia Conception. The drive was nice, and there are the unexpected mountains which surprise most visitors who think Baja is a flat land.

The view, when one first sees Bahia Conception, is spectacular. The 35-mile bay runs adjacent to the Sea of Cortez.

As we arrived at our beach front development we asked our guest if she thought it would look like this. Her reply was that she was thinking more like palm covered beach huts. Since our development has been here since the 1960s it is much more than that.

Our house, which originally was just a palm roofed affair with a 32-foot travel trailer, now is a two story house even larger than the one we have in California.

After an early dinner and early to bed, our guest was ready to venture out and she was walking the beach in bare feet at 7:30 a.m., with a brilliant sun kissing the water in front of her.

By 9 a.m. she was seated in a kayak, (a new experience for her) and heading out to Bird Island. There was so much to see and she would only be there a short while. We wanted to leave her with just a taste of Baja, so she could come back and really get to know this land which we have fallen in love with.

The day had to include a trip to Mulege which is 14 miles north of us, and we describe as the original Margaritaville. Lunch was at Danny’s Tacos, famous in town as one of the best places for such a meal. We had to pass on our favorite place, Poncho Villas, which takes a minimum of two hours for lunch even when we are the only ones dining there.

A trip to the little town markets was a must, and then a visit of the Mulege’s historic Mission, the third oldest in the mission trail which goes all the way up California.

Our day was now half gone but there was always time for a short siesta before the evening’s party, a Potato Bake, held on our back patio. Over 40 people showed up to celebrate that evening and it is common for such gatherings to occur at the drop of a hat.

We introduced our guest at the party, and said she would be returning, and now that she has had her taste of Baja, we are sure she will.

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