More Younger People Visiting Little Baja Town

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
April 7, 2016

Sean and Susan came down to Mexico from Colorado where he worked as an Events Coordinator and she owned a Bed and Breakfast.
They planned to get married here next month and said that 150 of their friends would be coming down for the wedding.

They are just two of the growing number of younger Americans coming down to Mexico for not only a week or two — but several months.

We live in a beach community on Mex. 1 in southern Baja California, and our community has become a favorite stop over for motorcycle riders, heading south and north. These are not retired people, however, they have jobs which allow them to take off for extended periods of time.

In the case of one young motorcycle family, they have actually set up an online business which caters to motorcycle riders; providing an assortment of gear for touring bikes. They do all their business online from here in Mexico.

The Internet has opened up a whole new window of opportunity for younger people to continue to make a living in the United States and spend their winters in Mexico.

The other major factor is that in our area, people feel safe. Tourists are welcomed with open arms, and communities like Mulege and Loreto cater to those who come down to enjoy the sun and the fun.

Weatherwise, the winters in Baja are like living in paradise. Normally it is sunny from morning to night and the temperature in January is usually in the 70s with other months in the 80s and 90s.

Beaches are free or almost free. Many have a caretaker who is responsible for keeping the beach area clean, and he gets paid about $7 a day. Tourists can enjoy a "leanto" with a palm roof and three walls which shelters them from the winds which sometimes can be a problem.

Food is cheap, if one does not want to eat like an American.

The young couple, who we mentioned earlier, were set up with a camper on back of their pickup. They were beach hopping from southern Baja heading north. This was their third year down here, and it would not be their last unless something drastically happened to their life style.

The border issues, which are such a big deal on the American side of the border, are seldom discussed down here. It is rare for a Mexican to say that they wanted to go to America. Why should they? They have the best of everything right here.

Having a wall at the border would probably affect those Mexicans who work in the border towns, but for most of the rest of Mexico, there would be little difference. One would think, from the U.S. news , that there is a big army of Mexicans waiting at the border just ready to charge across if ever there were an opening.

This is crazy. The real hardship would be for the increasing number of Americans who want to spend more time in Mexico, but for one reason or another, cannot manage it.

For the criminal element, there will always be a way to cross the border. It seems like such a waste of money to build fences and walls.

Didn’t we learn anything from the Berlin Wall?

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