Merced’s DMV Earns An A+

Times Publisher
April 11, 2019

A major problem with the State of California over the years is that lawmakers mandate changes and then they do not provide the funding or the personnel to do the job.

Such was the case when new changes were made at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Horror stories were prolific. Long lines the norm, and waiting was expected.

So this is what was expected when we finally were forced to bite the bullet recently, and get some changes in our license, as well and purchase our latest vehicle tags.

What actually occurred was amazing.

We went early and there was a long line even at 7:30 a.m. Then the doors opened, and the DMV employees jumped into action. It was like they were trained in some kind of military formation as the staff barked out orders, and had people moving fast to their necessary destination.

As handicapped, we were shuffled to the front of the line, no pushing and shoving. We were given instructions which were clear and easy to understand and told if we had problems, which we did, then come right back, and we would get additional instruction.

The computer department, always a hold-up because many people are still not computer adept, had one person there who watched for people with problems. She jumped in and did not allow others to hold up the line.

To our amazement, by 9 a.m., only an hour after the DMV opened its doors, there was not one person waiting in line. It was so amazing that as soon as we got to a phone we called back home and urged a family member to get right down to the Merced DMV, and get their new card.

Give the Merced DMV folks an A+.

Call (209) 383-0433
or (209) 358-5311

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