Why do we return to the valley?

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
April 21, 2016

If Mexico is so great, then why do we return to our valley in California year after year?
It is the people that we know and love. If it were not for them, we would gladly stay in the Mexican beach paradise we call our winter home.

Lord knows the valley air is terrible and the crime continues to be on the increase. The poor get poorer, and the state believes it can solve the problem by increasing the minimum wage.

All it has done by the recent legislation is cost us jobs. Restaurants are closing at the Mall, and we hear that Carpenter Printing will be closing its doors.

We have not shut down our printing plant and newspaper operation because of the courage of our employees who have kept the quality of the paper up during the most difficult times. They do this without our help because we retired in 2004, but really only stopped running the business after our heart operation last year.

We salute all our staff for what they do with the understanding they are all underpaid.

We have prayed for rain, and finally the Lord has delivered. For this year anyway, our farmers will have water for crops. Will it come back next year?

With the lake full, we look forward to a summer of sailing. Our boat sat on dry land all last year and the membership at the Lake Yosemite Sailing Club dropped to an all time low.

For us, we plan a year of travel. Next month we go to Korea to celebrate the 55th anniversary of our career as a journalist which started in Korea as a military correspondent. While there we intend to represent our area at the International Rotary Conference.

Because of the rain, we are looking forward to a summer with less forest fires. As folks will remember last year was one of the worst fire seasons on record — making air in the valley almost unbreathable.

Because we are so highly dependent on agriculture we are hoping that the rain will also stop the recession which has gripped this valley. We are still the bread basket of the world when it comes to many crops, however, all are dependent on water.

We look forward to a summer of outdoor sports, bike riding, hiking, running and the exercise which keeps us all healthy.

We see what happens to people who do not exercise. They do not last, and unfortunately, we have lost so many close friends in the past year.

We come back wanting to go back to work on the homeless problem but eager to see the city and county solve its tax sharing problem. The secret is: Let our area grow and there will be tax money and jobs for everyone.

Finally, we are happy that our home and our business remained safe for another year. Those individuals in law enforcement and fire prevention, as well as all the public services, are so important to our lifestyle in this wonderful valley of ours.

Bless them all, every one of them.

It is good to be back in town.

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