There Is No Place Like Home In The Valley

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April 27, 2017

Leaving Mexico in 90-degree weather and returning to our home in the Central Valley, where it is in the 60s, is a shock to our body.
Another shock is how lush and green the Valley is compared to the desert of southern Baja Mexico; however, even in Mexico the unusual rain has turned parts of the desert into an unbelievable floral display.

We take our time driving north because it is Easter break, and the roads are packed with Mexicans who love their beaches, and flock to them for Samanta Santa (see picture).

We are headed north because we must pay taxes (at least an estimate) in the United States. It has been a wonderful winter in southern Baja, averaging 70 degrees with sun out morning to night almost every day. This is paradise if there is one; however, even in paradise we find we miss our friends at home and want to be back with them.

We miss the activities and events which we normally cover, and we even miss our employees who have worked so hard during the winter rainy season. We are very proud of what they accomplished while we were gone.

We also are excited about the progress our community is making as the economy finally works its way out of recession. There is a new optimism in the air and while people question President Trump, they can’t help to see the stock market going up along with the real estate and employment.

We made it through 90 percent of the winter without sickness or injury, and only the last two weeks managed to come down with intense back pain, perhaps from loading the truck. Other than this everyone stayed healthy.

The fishing, the kayaks, swimming and sailing were great and the sight of the whale sharks a real bonus. We only wish there was some way we could take people of the valley on a guided tour of what is real Mexico — not the media version which paints this nation as backward and full of drug problems.

We believe just the opposite. And we have much to learn from the Mexican people who know how to relax and enjoy their families. Many appear almost stress free while we work under the burden of having to have more and more, never being satisfied.

Years ago, that was the reason we located in the valley. We shunned working in a metropolitan area and opted for the slower pace of the San Joaquin Valley.

This is where we belong, and this is where we have made our home.

We love coming back.

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