An Election Of Nation’s Unacceptables

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
May 5, 2016

Half the country can’t stand Donald Trump.
The other half can’t stand Hillary Clinton.
Nevertheless, one of the two will most likely be our next president of the United States.
Trump has angered large blocks of people with his stance on the wall between Mexico and the United States, and he has made a lot of women mad — including my wife which means we will probably be canceling our vote.
Hillary has questionable honesty when it comes to her emails and past history while being Secretary of State. Then there is her receiving large sums of money from Wall Street, which makes one wonder who has bought and paid for her.
Until now, both were still trying to win their nomination of their respective parties, so their attacks have been on their opponents in their own party, but that is changing.
No candidate can hope to win the presidency and fight their own party at the same time.
One of the biggest mistakes Trump has made is with his stance on the so called “Wall” between the United States and Mexico. There already is a wall but it doesn’t work, and in fact, we could build a wall a mile high and it still wouldn’t work because they would dig under it, and go around it.
Now could Trump work to build an “electronic” or high-tech surveillance wall to prevent all unwanted or undocumented foreigners into this country? That is a real possibility and may not be a bad idea.
Clearly security is a major concern of this country and it becomes more important with each terrorist attack.
We feel as soon as the primaries are all over, there is going to be a different tone on both candidates part. The in-fighting of the parties will quiet down and the focus will be on the other party and their candidate.
The Republicans will be looking at a possibility of Donald Trump as their president, and no matter if they like him or not, they will have to work with him if any new legislation will be approved. Democrats will also realize that while they would have preferred Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is far better than having Donald Trump in office.
All of this will lead to another five months of down and dirty politics in the good old American way.
The problem is for most of us, we have already had our fill of politics in the last eight months — and most of us are sick of it.
It takes up half the evening news every night, and seldom amounts to anything new or even newsworthy.
No matter who wins, we will be so sick of him or her, we will be fed up of politics for the next year or two, and the news media will have to find something decent to focus on.
My vote would be to have the national election one day after the primary.
Is there really going to be anything new about these candidates that we haven’t already heard?

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