The Morning Express: Finally a train that meets valley’s needs

May 17, 2018

We have received nothing but glowing reports from local people who took Amtrak’s Morning Express to Sacramento and back this past week. With all the talk about High Speed Rail, this is a service which is here today and working to bring the business of the valley together.

For years we have heard nothing but complaints about trains which are poorly timed for commerce. Their schedule is almost recreational in nature.

Now for once, people from the valley can get to the state capital, conduct their business, and be back in one day. We feel this is one big step toward taking traffic off of US 99 and Highway 5.

The San Joaquin Valley still faces major challenges in air quality, and the automobile traffic continues to increase without let up. Commuters driving, one to a car, are a major problem, not only increasing the stress level but also the bad air.

Better rail service is part of the solution, however, while millions are being spent on the High Speed Rail, the completion of that system is off in the distant future. The price tag goes up with each passing year, and the winds of politics keep changing.

People of the valley, need something tangible now, not later.

The Morning Express is something which is being done now, at a minimal of expense using tracks and stations which are already in place. The real change is the scheduling of the trains so they arrive in Sacramento in time to take advantage of the business day.

It will allow more people to live in the valley where there is room for economical housing and still work in the job centers. This is a win win situation.

The only question seems to be: “Why did it take so long for this rail service idea to become a reality?”

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