No Medical Meds For Six Months, And Doing Great!

Times Publisher
June 21, 2018

Until four years ago, when we had a six-way heart bypass, we had never taken any medical drugs. As a long distance runner in our youth, no drugs of any kind could be used.
We grew older, and our body was so healthy it didn’t need medical drugs, and by 79, it was still untouched by medical drugs.
That was when the doctor said, “This is what we prescribe for everyone with your condition,” and we started taking our first blood thinner.
Not good. The drug drove us to the edge of insanity, and we complained.
Still, we believed the doctor could not be wrong, and continued to take the drug long after our body and mind said “STOP!”
As part of our recovery, we turned to psychotherapy to find out what was the problem. Doctors found nothing.
Our second bout with medical drugs was two years later after finding out we had cancer of the colon. Once again, medical drugs were advised, not one but two or three to balance out. These drugs were also being given “to everyone,” but with a long list of possible side effects.
Within three weeks, we felt our body and mind change dramatically and stopped taking the drugs. We went through withdrawal, which sent us to a mental clinic, and while in the mental clinic we were forced — against our will by a judge! — to take medical drugs.
Those drugs had not cleared our body when we left this country for Mexico last year. Since the drugs were then hard to get anyway, we stopped taking all drugs! Our therapy was simply: Sun, fresh air, exercise and low stress.
That was over six months ago, and we have not taken a medical drug since.
When people ask how we are doing, we tell them 100 percent! And we are not lying.
This business of telling people that “this is the drug which we prescribe for everyone with your condition” is wrong. Every single person in this world is different. Every single person is made up with different genes, and their bodies respond to drugs differently.
We blame the drug makers and those who peddle the drugs for the problem. No drugs should be prescribed without proper check ups to see that the drug is really doing what it is supposed to. That list of possible negative side effects is real and the warning needs to be heeded.
In one case, we had ordered a prescription and when we went to pick it up, the pharmacist said it would be three days before we could have the prescription filled. We asked if we could pay for the drugs with cash. They said “yes, the price will be $1,200 for one month’s pills.”
Now with that kind of money, one would think $200 could be spent on seeing that the drug is actually doing what it was supposed to do …
Let’s stop this crazy, drug-cure world!
Yes, drugs can be effective, but not in the way “one serves all.” Drug companies are making a killing at our expense, and they are actually killing people from the inside out.

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