‘A Minority Of None’

Times Founding Publisher
June 28, 2018

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We have always believed a good editorial is one which withstands the test of time. The following editorial was written 40 years ago, and 20 years ago, a lady sent us a copy of it and said she had saved it because of all the editorials she had ever read, she felt it was the best. Today we are no longer single, and we are old, and are among the biggest minority of all — the aged. However, other than that, we wonder if most of what was written in this old editorial doesn’t still hold true today?

I am an American; not tall, not short, not black, not yellow, not red. I am not a Jew, nor a Catholic, nor of any unusual or out-of-the-ordinary religious sect.

I am not undereducated, or underclothed or underfed; and I have adequate housing, an adequate income for my adequate lifestyle, which includes a fairly new car, a couple of weeks vacation, and a diet of some meat almost every day.

I am not young — that is when I go to the high school campus they call me mister — but I am not old because I do not qualify for Social Security, Medicare, or any other program available for seniors.

I am self-employed, and therefore depend almost completely on my own efforts to maintain myself, and as such could not apply for unemployment insurance even if my business were to falter or my health were to turn for the worst.

I am well most of the time, and that’s a good thing because I have no medical or health insurance, and if my health did take a turn for the worse, there would be no policy to cover my expenses.

I am single, and therefore I am taxed higher than if I were married.

I am a minority — a minority of those who are in no other minority.

Each day, with each new law passed by Congress, or the state Legislature, to benefit other minorities, my minority becomes comparatively worse.

I pay taxes which pay for the programs for other minorities, and yet I do not begrudge those minorities the basic necessities of life, food, shelter and clothing.

But slowly the minority group that I belong to is disappearing. They are joining the unemployed, going on Social Security, going to work for others. And the people they employ are doing likewise.

I just wonder what will happen when everyone in this country decides he is a minority of some kind, requiring special benefits, and living off the labors of others.

Who then will be left?

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