Thank You From The Family Of Kathleen Derby

Times Publisher
July 4, 2019

Thank you to all the people who sent their support and condolences, or were able to attend the celebration of life which was held for “Kathy” Derby.

We are all in such a state of shock over her loss; however, we are reading each of the cards sent and we are reminded of how much she was loved by this wonderful community we live in.

The event held for her at Lake Yosemite was important because so many people showed up who had also very personal losses, and in some cases, they were very sudden and still fresh in the memories of their families.

We have been undecided as to whether to use this column to write about Kathy Derby; however, behind the words which have been written in this column for the past 40 years, has been Kathy who was willing to participate in some of the greatest adventures in our life.

Without her, the trip in 1980 to cover the Olympics at Lake Placid would not have happened, and we would not have have been there when the American hockey team beat the Russians.

Without her, the trip to American Cup Race in Australia would have been a solo adventure and not nearly the fun of seeing Australia and New Zealand.

Without her, the trip to cover the Merced High Marching Band and the Atwater Falcon Marching Band when they participated in the Music Festival in Vienna, might not have happened.

When we were married, we honeymooned in Ireland, and traveled to England and Scotland, and then later took on Spain, Germany, Holland and Italy, several times. We even signed up to dance in the Carnival in Rio, Brazil, but missed our flight and someone else danced in our place with the costumes we purchased for the occasion.

The greatest adventures came after we bought the Day Dreamer, a 32 ft. blue water sailboat and attempted to sail around the world. That did not happen, but after 32 days out to sea we landed in a little bay in Mexico called Conception Bay. For the 20 years that followed, we wrote of the adventures of living in Mexico.

Meanwhile, the newspapers we owned ran without us, which means that we have a very good staff of people running the press, writing the news and covering events in the local communities. To them we owe a big vote of gratitude.

Our apologies go to all those who we failed to notify in time for the gathering, and all those who are still either calling us or sending cards. We, like most people, can never be prepared for death.

And for Kathy, there was no long drawn out pain and suffering. She went like she lived, running with life.

While it was so sudden and unexpected that she died in Tokyo, Japan, it was the way we have lived, and travel has always been a part of it. It could have come in Korea when we there last year, or Chiapas, Mexico at the Mayan ruins.

To all of those who have traveled with us through this column called “Ship to Shore” it has always been very much a part of Kathy Derby’s life. Looking back, she would not have wanted to miss a minute of it.

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