If You Like Our Newspaper,
Let Someone Special Know

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
July 7, 2016

Last weekend, while working on a story for the new restaurant which opened in what was once the Eagle’s Nest near Childs and Highway 99, we had one step out the front door when a lady rushed up to us and said: “I just wanted to let you know how much I love your paper.”   
Then she took another 10 minutes telling us what a great job of local news coverage we are doing.
We thanked her and as we went outside, our step got a lot lighter and the pride in the product made us glow.
We tried to explain to the woman that this paper wasn’t a one-man show, and took the talent of 20 people working all week to produce.
Each week it gets more challenging to cover the local news as more and more events take place. With President Obama and his family visiting Yosemite recently, our news staff was stretched to its limits. We had three photographers working overtime to cover the president and they produced some excellent photographic coverage. Meanwhile, other members of the staff were starting to cover the Hilmar Dairy Festival and the Atwater July 4th parade and crafts and food faire.
News coverage is non stop, and it is not an easy task as this county is stretched out. The coverage is night and day, and includes installation dinners and street faires.
While we only publish once a week, we have five different editions which go to press three days a week.
Once the printing is done, it is time to clean up the press and start all over again.
Ours is the last newspaper printing press in Merced County when once there were six.
Now, not even the daily newspaper is printed locally. This gives us a distinct advantage because when we say “Hot off the press,” we mean it.
Our 20 employees, both full and part time, are not overpaid but they choose to stay with the newspaper because they believe in the mission, THE POWER OF POSITIVE PRESS.
We are told regularly that it can’t be done.
“People want the bad news” we hear so often.
No, people want all the news, especially local news, and when bad news dominates the front page, and the television, we get the impression that there is nothing but bad news, and the world is going to hell.
For every bad news story, there are 10 good news stories, and many of them never get reported.
If there is a crime in the news media, it is that so many great stories go untold.
We send our reporters out to find the “good news” stories.
Everyday good people are doing good things, and they need to be recorded, and with pictures if possible.
For our newspaper, the good people are generally the news makers, week in and week out. And as long as we have the support of the community, than we will keep on running the good news.
And a special thanks goes to the people like that one lady who stopped us at the front door of the restaurant. She made our day, and we will pass that good feeling onto the rest of the newspaper crew.
There is one thing that readers can do to help us in our community efforts, and that is say “Thank You” to any business which advertises in our paper. They provide the income to keep our press going. Thank them!
We purchase ink and paper — which we recycle at our printing facility. The rest is a great staff of employees who want nothing more than to make you readers happy with your local newspaper.
Thanks again for all that local support.
We have had 52 years of it, and like the Energizer Bunny, we keep going.

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