Travel Has Never Been Better This Summer

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
July 14, 2016

What amazes us most, when we travel, is how much there is very close to home, which we have not seen.
With television so bad these days, repeating the latest blasts by Hillary and Donald, only punctuated by a mass murder, here and overseas; the best way to enjoy the summer is take trips.
These need not be long trips because there is so much to see just beyond our door step.
California has the best scenery in any direction from our valley home. We celebrated last weekend on our boat in San Francisco Bay with weather in the mid-70s, then by mid week we were up at Clear Lake, which isn’t clear, however, this year is full of water and as beautiful as ever.
Our GPS forgot to tell us that the shortest road was not always the fastest road, so we climbed over a mountain to get to Clear Lake, providing us with Disneyland rides at a fraction of the cost.
That road had more hairpin curves and switchbacks then a snake in a hot sandy dessert.
California’s ocean scenery never loses its charm as we watch the moving seascape on the way up to Crescent City where we parked in the Harbor RV for the night. We had to try their fresh caught crab and it was the best.
On the way we passed through the Avenue of Giants with its scoring redwoods and saw free range Elk wondering right by Highway 101.
We lost ourselves in little towns like Phillipsville and Garberville and had to have breakfast at the Lumberjack restaurant.
All of this was unplanned just rambling down the road, much of it while the GPS, who we call Gladis was out of contact. “No rush” was our theme as we drove slowly from one town to the next.
We had a mission to take our grand niece to a music school where she had earned a scholarship, but other than that, there was a very loose timetable and we took advantage of it.
Grandparents are supposed to do stuff like this.
Growing up, there was never time and never the money. Now there is the time and the money but our bodies hold us back from the adventures which are out there waiting.
The shear effort of keeping one’s foot down on the gas peddle even becomes taxing after a while and it is nice to have a relief driver handy.
We are driving “Kathy’s Hilton,” an old ’91 Fleetwood that had been almost abandoned when we bought it for a song five years ago. It only had 64,000 miles, but everything was dried out from lack of use.
The name Kathy’s Hilton came because Kathy said: “I don’t camp; my idea of camping is a room at the Hilton with room service.”
Her Hilton needed a lot of fixing but with each year it gets better and now has become our ship on shore, taking us to all the wonderful places there are in our state and country.
It beats TV by a mile, and is good for the eyes to see something new for a change.
Have you just returned from a good road trip?
Why not write it up for the paper.
We’d love to read about it.
It’s either that or a long hot summer of more of the same politics. BAH!

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