Where Is Voice Of Our Valley On The State’s Water Board?

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July 19, 2018

Everything has been said about the effects of the State Water Board’s decision to increase the amount of water to be taken from the San Joaquin Valley rivers.”
There are two sides battling for the water. The farm and agricultural side and the environmental and fish side.
The ones who make the decision are hand picked by a governor who will be leaving office soon. They are hardly representative of the state, and there is no representation of the San Joaquin Valley on the Board.
In the past, there has always been one member who represented the valley and its agricultural use of the water.
Instead of open discussion of what is fair to all concerned, the State Water Board is used to giving ultimatums. Or they will hold a meeting at Christmas time when water is not on the top of everyone’s list.
Water is too important to deligate to a Board made up of people who simply mouth the words of Governor Jerry Brown. It is bad enough to have to depend on a State Legislature which is out of balance in favor of voting for laws which benefit big cities at the expense of rural California.
This Board has no representation. It is not answerable to anyone but the Governor, and it can be bought and sold depending on who has the money or power to do it.
The real person in control of the board is the Governor of the State of California. Be assured that Jerry Brown has his stamp of approval on what is going on with the disposition of water in the state.
Will it change once he is out of office? Only if there is a change in party can there be any hope for a change in the State Water Board.
Please note: The decisions which are being inacted are being done now when there are only four months before a new Governor is elected. Wouldn’t it make sense to wait at least until the new Governor can review the issues regarding water allocation?
Those decisions may not change, however, on the rare chance that the new Governor does not see things the way Governor Jerry Brown sees them, there might be a chance that he would select his own appointments to the State Water Board, and they will have a fresh approach to the problem of water in the State of California.
Californians have passed bonds to increase the amount of water storage, but the money has been spent elsewhere. Clearly there is not enough water to go around.
The agricultural interests of the state are already being threatened by the potential trade war. Why slap an additional penalty on the farmer by taking away more valley water?
It just doesn’t make sense.

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