Looking For A Getaway Far From Valley Heat

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
July 21, 2016

We thought we would look for a place to live that wasn’t so hot, so we piled into our old motorhome and headed north as far as we could go in these United States, ending in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula.
It was nice enough and had a quaint old downtown filled with seafaring memories, ships and plenty of nice folks, but the sky was overcast and the weather damp and cold.
We asked “Is it like this often?”
The answer was “all the time.”
So we headed west following the coastal road and landed near Astoria. It rained on and off for the whole day and we didn’t care to get wet so we played cards to pass the time.
We asked “Is it like this often?” and the answer came, “Only in the summer. In the winter the rain never stops.”
Back in the motorhome heading south we traveled through areas of giant trees and we stopped to view the beauty of it all. Then it rained again before long and we didn’t need to ask ourself “Is it like this often? Just look at the size of the trees and you have your answer.”
Now we were on the coast of Oregon and the rain had stopped but the morning overcast lasted half the day, and then when it did go away, we stopped overnight in Hoguiam.
By then the wind was blowing a stiff 20 knots and climbing. The motorhome was like our sailboat with too much sail weaving from one side of the highway to the other.
Finally we found a quiet little seaside community called Newport and rented an RV space. It was the last one available for miles around. Wonder why people like to come and stay at a place like this? The wind was still blowing at gale force as we hooked up the power and started cooking dinner.
“Does it blow like this all the time?” we asked another RV-er.
“All the time,” he replied and sometimes harder.
There was just no winning we thought as we went south on the coastal highway. Beautiful beaches but only a few sturdy people daring to walk on the beach. The heavy winds continued all the way south to Brookings where we met up with a friend from Mexico.
Now the last time we visited her in Brookings, she said the weather would be great, but it rained all three days we were there.
Now with this wind we would have something else to complain about.
Surprisingly when we pulled into our RV spot, the wind stopped and the sun came out. It was beautiful.
At last we found a place with the kind of weather we were looking for. Absolutely perfect.
Then we brought up the subject of housing. She said “Something has happened to the housing market here. There is absolutely nothing for sale. The littlest shack is bought up immediately and at an outrageous price.
“We we weren’t thinking of spending that much money,” we said, “just a little place that we could go to and get out of the valley heat.”
“You know it does rain here,” she said. “Why only two weeks ago, it rained nonstop for three days, but we really needed the rain so it was worth it.”
That night we dined outside as the sun went down in Brookings and the cool night air set in with that coastal overcast. We moved to the RV and snuggled into our warm blankets.
“It sure will be nice to be back home where the evenings are so beautiful you can eat outside,” we heard one of us say.
“Yes, lucky we are heading home, because I really miss the warm weather,” came the reply.

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