Give Water To Help The Homeless

Times Founding Publisher
July 26, 2018

Do you get the same feeling we do when we pass a homeless person standing on the corner and asking for help?

Normally we do not give them anything because we feel money will only be used to feed an addiction.

Years ago, when a homeless person would come to our office and ask for help we would ask them to do clean up the sidewalk, and then we would give them a note to the grocery store down the street, stating that this note was worth so much money which can only be exchanged for food.

That soothed our conscience, but the neighborhood grocery store is no longer down the street, and people seldom come to the office asking to work for a handout.

The other day, while passing one of the homeless with our car window shut down tight, we hit on an idea which might help in a very small way.

Why not carry some small bottles of water in the car, and hand them to the homeless as you pass by?

It is a simple gesture and will certainly not solve the homeless problem in our town, however, in these days of over 100-degree temperature, a nice bottle of cool water might help.

We actually bought a case of water the last time we went to the grocery store. We didn’t have it handy when we met the next homeless person, so now we will keep a bottle handy.

Let’s see if this idea catches on.

It is a very small act of kindness.

What do you think?

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