Michelle Obama For U.S. President

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
August 4, 2016

We did not hear every word, of every speaker, of both Republican and Democratic Conventions, but of the speeches we heard, the hands down winner of either convention was First Lady Michelle Obama.
These were conventions like none other. Never before have American voters been asked to vote on candidates with as low a rating. Some delegates left the convention refusing to even endorse the candidate of their party.
California, the hind leg of the election process, at least made one statement which we are proud of, and that was when the delegation supporting Bernie Sanders walked out of the convention hall.
Shame on the Republicans for not allowing pledged delegates to support any candidate they wished, and double shame on the speech writers who did not go over the speech before Melania Trump got up and made a fool of herself.
However, Michelle Obama took the stand with the voice of millions women behind her, and reminded us of the importance of families in this great country, and that this country is great — not going to be great — but great right now.
“The election is about who will have the power to shape our children,” said Michelle Obama. Later, she added that because of this election her daughters know a woman can be president of the United States.
Her speech surpassed that of past president Clinton, president Obama, Trump and Sanders (who we feel let his supporters down with a weak surrender).
It is a question why Ted Cruz even got up and spoke because he said nothing that we did not already know.
“Vote your own conscience!” he urged … Who did he think we would vote for?
We judge that Michelle Obama wrote her own speech using her background as attorney and graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law.
What was it in Michelle Obama’s words which rung out so loud and clear? She did not stoop to the level of many other speakers. She spoke of values of the American people and who would be our best spokesperson at home and abroad.
She appealed to blacks, Latinos, and immigrants, and made them feel that this was their country, and it was Hillary Clinton who would be the president for them.
We aren’t saying there were no other winners in the electoral process. A news talk woman who spoke in Donald Trump’s behalf, gave a very powerful speech, though partly cut out by the PBS moderators on one broadcast (Shame on them because it was one of the best speeches.)
We found the vice president candidate of the Republican party, Mike Pence, came out stronger than expected and he had to.
Donald Trump did not say anything new, however, he did not make any slip of the tongue, at least during his big speech.
Hillary Clinton had the presence of a president, but negative news rained on her parade after the announcement that the Russians may have exposed Democratic Party leaders in an attempt to help Clinton beat Sanders.
Now we have a three-month run for the presidency. Most Americans are worn out with this electoral process. It really should be shorter, and more reflective of the people like those of us who live in California.
Nothing in our mind was decided by the conventions except that the one person we felt should have been running for president is not on the ballot.
Have we heard the end of Michelle Obama?

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