Why Would Anyone Want To Be A CEO?

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
September 1, 2016

You are the CEO of your company and you are past retirement age, but you continue to work because that is the only way that you can keep your business in operation.
The hours of your staff are cut to the bone. Many of them are only part time workers, not because you want it that way, but because there are not sufficient funds to pay them for full time work.
You have thought about selling your business, or may have even sold the business, only to find that the buyer was not capable of running the business properly.
One might say, that you did not run your business correctly or you would have been able to retire like other normal CEOs. Not true, your business has survived because of you, but its survival has left you little time for yourself.
You look around you and what do you see. You see most government offices only open four days a week. You see college professors only teaching four days a week, and asking for three. You see the school day cut down to the point that there is no time for the arts and music.
You look at unemployment and see so many people unemployed because there are no jobs, and yet the government demands that you pay more wages so that there will be even fewer jobs.
And because of the lack of jobs, there are people on the street, and there are people in the jails, and people on welfare, and the people who commit crime, and those who find drugs and alcohol the only way out of their misery.
You try to decide who you will vote for in this election. Will it be more of the same, or will you ask if there is someone, somewhere, who will lead this city, this county, this state, and this nation out of this quagmire?
We have brought this on ourselves. We have raised our children to think that there is something wrong with hard work. We have cut out the jobs for young people, the starter jobs --- like newspaper routes.
“After all,” we say, “a newspaper carrier could get hurt on his bike throwing a newspaper.”
True, but what about the mind of that young person as he sits at home locked in his bedroom playing video games until wee hours in the morning, or spends all day on his cell phone texting friends who are doing the same.
These same young people suffer from obesity, and lack of exercise, which will cost millions in medical care later in life. But that apparently is all right, because our country now has medical care for everyone.
But in giving medical care to everyone, it has taken good medical care from everyone.
Are there any answers?
Look around you and watch as one business after another closes its door. These are not upstart businesses but longtime businesses which have lost their will to put in the long hours and hard work with so little return.
The CEO is exhausted and can no longer enslave himself (herself) to a system which affords him no relief.
No new CEOs are there to take his or her place.
Why would anyone want to be a CEO?

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