Local Football Is In The Air, Support Your Favorite Team!

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September 8, 2017

There is nothing more traditional than football in our town.
As we prepare for another season, we wish to salute the young people who take the time and energy to play on the teams.
In these days, when it seems everything is determined to divide us apart, local football is a unifying force. No one would dare say anything against the home team.
Win or lose, our team is the best. So if they missed a few catches or fumbled a few kick offs. No one is perfect.
Football is about as American, as apple pie. It is not as popular as it once was. Soccer is fast growing in popularity, but football is still No. 1.
With all the news of possible injuries on the football field, it remains the sport which attracts the most attention. In many cases, it is also the sport which brings in the most money for the school’s recreation department.
But schools need to be careful nowadays and share their sports resources equally among the boys and the girls teams.
Football is a man builder. If you get knocked down too hard. You learn to pick yourself up, and go at it again.
Football coaches are tough. They need to be. It is usually the first taste of “Tough Love” felt by a boy who is put to the test.
The sport takes endurance and stick-to-it-ness. Not every student who goes out for the team makes it. For every one who plays, there are two on the bench. Even the bench waiting has a purpose.
It is like life when you have to keep trying when you want to get a job.
So many lessons are learned on the field of play. They start with knowing who is boss. That is the coach.
Finally there is the glory. When a student is on the winning team there is something special which happens. He walks around town and people suddenly notice him. If he has on the team jersey, other students look up to him.
Even if the your team doesn’t win, the players have the community’s support and this is so important when growing up.
We look forward every year to seeing our home teams take the field.
Let’s play ball!

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