A Sign Of The Times, New Restaurants

Times Publisher
October 3, 2019

One sign of the growth in the economy is the sight of new restaurants opening up all over the place. Many of these are small independent restaurants where they are family owned and operated.

Unfortunately, the restaurant business is one of the most difficult to succeed in. It is not just a matter of cooking good food. The price needs to be good because the customers expect a lot for their money.

Many customers will try out a new restaurant only once, and if they are unsatisfied, they will never go back. Friends and family are not enough to keep a restaurant going. It needs a steady flow of customers.

This is at a time when most of the money has already been spent to set the new business up. There is little or no money for advertising.

We hear time and again, “We use word of mouth advertising,” and while there is nothing which can replace word-of-mouth advertising, there are only so many word of mouths.

This is where a newspaper can help to spread the word.

One excellent German restaurant we recall had the best food imaginable, and we enjoyed going there for lunch, but the owner said she could not afford to advertise. The restaurant lasted almost two years before it folded.

It had its regular customer base; however, little by little these customers would leave the area or die off. No one came to replace those customers, and what little profit the German restaurant made was gone.

In today’s competitive world, restaurants can not afford to waste anything. Size of portions are important. The cost of help is always going up and being pushed by the minimum wage laws in California. Now the state wants to do away with any contract workers which means another layer of expense to doing business.

Insurance and workers compensation laws continue to rise, and the independent owners feel that the business they always wanted, now has enslaved them. The long hours with no time off, wears people out.

The American dream is still there; however, it has become harder to reach for the average American.

Let us take this time to salute the efforts of the restaurant owners, the waiters and waitresses, and the other staff because there is nothing better than being able to go out to dinner and be served a fine meal without worrying about the clean up.

Don’t forget to tip well because restaurant people do a great job in our community.

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