What Has Happened To The Music?

Times Publisher
October 5, 2017

Somebody stole the Music from our schools.
We used to have it as part of the regular curriculum, but now it is gone. We are not talking about band, but music classes which used to be just like reading, writing and math for all students.
Someone must have said, “Music isn’t important like the other subjects.”
Music is a necessity of life, and for certain people, it is the most important lesson of all.
Who allowed this to happen? Who said Music was unnecessary?
More than once I heard an educator say: “We don’t have time for it.”
What? You don’t have time for Music? You take away part of life for a lot of young people
There used to be time for Music, who took that time out of the school schedule? Was it the lawmakers? Was it the very people the teachers' union controls?
Then why not tell the teachers' union to have the lawmakers put it back. Our lawmakers don’t know anything about life. Most of them are attorneys who had never lived, burying themselves in law books so they can charge their outrageous rates. How many of them went to a school of Music?
Well you say there is not enough money. That is the excuse used for anything which is wrong with education. There used to be enough money. The state took over school finances and now there isn’t enough money. Then the state needs to put it back.
Let’s take a vote of the people in California, mostly of Mexican ancestry, who have always loved their Music. “Should Music be returned to our school system? Yes or No? The vote would be unanimous.
Some say the school day is not long enough. It was when we were young. We never left school until 5 p.m. Who stole the rest of the school day? They say teachers can't work a whole day, then hire someone else to finish the day for them. Closing schools at 2:30 or 3 p.m. should be against the law.
With both parents working, letting the kids out of school at that time is criminal. It opens the gate to gangs and violence at a very early age. If our school days are not long enough then let’s take another vote of the people “Should the school day be returned to an actual full day. Ah you say that students can not study for so long.
Music isn’t study it is refreshment. It is nourishment. It is like a mental recess for relaxation. It is a break from this crazy world we live in. It is the lire of King Solamon’s court bringing a calm to troubled waters.
We need to add teachers in both music and art. If the state says there is no money, then tax the people for Music. We are taxed for everything else. The result might be interesting. Maybe young children would grow up enjoying the symphony. Who knows they might even play in it.
Music is not something only important for a short time. It lasts a lifetime. We always need Music. It is the balance of our life.
Now, damn it, give it back!

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