Only The Brave Experience Snelling’s Ranch Of Horrors

October 12, 2017

Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors has opened once again for those seeking thrills, chills, and a scary good time for the Halloween season.
Located at 15080 North Snelling Road, just past the Merced River, the park is celebrating its third year of scaring people into the holiday spirit.
It starts as soon as you step out of your car in the parking lot. The terror and gore surrounds you.
Visitors are able to experience two different haunted houses of varying intensity. For those looking to get acquainted with the property and put their nerves to the test, “The Gravel Pit” allows guests a gradual welcome to the dark side.
For those looking to truly test their mettle and grit, “The House of the Dead” offers a much more intense experience. It begins with an almost suffocating journey through collapsing hallways, and twists and turns, with each scene more scary than the last.
If you want revenge on those ghouls, ghosts, zombies and other abominations, you can join a few search-and-escape paintball adventures, “The Dredging Fields” and “The Quarry.” After signing a waiver, participants are equipped with a paintball gun and plenty of ammo, as well as protective gear. The only mission is to make it through a course filled with monsters and the undead, shooting as needed to keep evil from reaching good innocent people.
Throughout the Halloween season, residents are also able to attend special events at the park, including the upcoming Lights Out! Night on Oct. 19, where they will be challenged to make it through both haunted houses and one paintball search-and-escape course for a discounted price of $30.
But wait, there’s more. For those looking for a more authentic haunting, Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors has something … well … supernatural. Prior to the ranch’s opening, property owners had always noticed strange occurrences here and there, as well as ghost sightings, but wrote them off as one-off occurrences. However, upon opening the property to the public, it quickly became apparent that in addition to their wonderfully skilled actors throughout the property, guests were also seeing other figures that were not the staff’s doing. After conducting their own investigation, the owners have brought in outside Paranormal Investigators to work on the property. And now, members of the public can attend educational ghost hunting tours alongside of the experts.
• Open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the Halloween holiday season from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m., haunted experiences at Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors start as low as $8.50 per person for The Gravel Pit Haunted House and top out at $25.00 for the search-and-escape paintball adventure at The Quarry course. Those looking to experience the real ghosts present on the property can do so for $30.
• Tickets for Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors can be purchased online at or in person. For the most up-to-date information, including special events and offers, including the opportunity to take part in raffles for free tickets, follow Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors on Facebook at Staff can be reached by phone at (209) 617-7160 or by email at

Call (209) 383-0433
or (209) 358-5311

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