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October 18, 2018

It is too long ago for most local people to remember, however, two men were in a race to win a seat on the Board of Directors for an irrigation district in the region.
As was common in those days, we supported one of the two candidates and we knew it would be a close race as both men were well known and had a lot of support.
The day of the election we voted, and joined our candidate at his house to check on the results.
There were members of the candidates supporters stationed at the polling stations and the elections office as the votes were being tabulated.
Phone calls came to and from the house every few minutes giving the latest updates. The voting was even closer than anyone could have believed possible.
No one could predict the outcome and there was a lot of excitement in the air.
Finally, late in the night, it became apparent that only one or two votes hung in the balance, and there might even be an absolute tie vote.
One of the campaigners who had been out taking people to the polls said, “Oh my God, I was so busy, I failed to cast my own vote.”
A pin could have been heard if it had been dropped. The silence hung over the crowd at the candidate’s house.
As it turned out, the vote was an absolute tie when the several thousand votes were counted.
The two candidates met the following day at the elections office and flipped a coin to see who would indeed win a seat on the board.
Our candidate lost the toss.
The other candidate went on to serve on the irrigation district's Board of Directors for many years, and he did excellent job.
His name is Richard Clauss.
To this day, we will never underestimate the power of JUST ONE VOTE!

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