The Times Steers Clear Of Fake News

October 26, 2017

If you are one of the subscribers to this newspaper, we want you to know that we try to steer clear of any fake news.
We have never had to resort to fake news to sell our newspaper in the 53 years under our ownership.
Still we have the support of many people in our town, some in fact, who don’t agree with what we have to say on our editorial page. However, our editorial page is for opinion, and that is where we run material which can be slanted in one direction or another.
We are not saying nothing has ever gotten into print which was not true. One time we made the mistake of not double checking an obituary on time, which turned out to be a practical joke sent in by a friend. The man was very much alive at the time, and didn’t think it was funny. (Sorry! We have tried to be a lot more careful ever since.)
Some people have criticized us in the past, saying our news is boring. And sometimes they are right! The town meetings we attend are often boring, however, they deal with real issues and real people.
Nothing fake about them, or the people who attend them.
Many of these people are the unsung heroes of our community, volunteering to serve on committees and boards which keep our town running. They don’t get a lot of money for participating at these meetings.
Just ask your local mayor how much he makes.
And while you are at it, ask our reporters how much they make for covering these meetings. Nobody on our staff is paid enough, and most certainly you could not pay them to generate fake news.
One of the missions of our newspaper is “report the news, don’t make it.”
If the national news media had the same mission, we would not have so much misinformation going on; and that goes for the liberal as well as conservative media.
We know that our local news would not make headlines in daily newspapers or on the web sites of Google, AOL and Yahoo. This is not what we are here for.
We are here to tell you the stories of people in our local schools and colleges, the coaches and the teachers. We are here to tell you about the kids who are working on their FFA projects, or winning writing contests.
We are here to tell you about the performing artists, and what’s on in the local entertainment scene. We are here to tell you about the street fairs, the farmers markets, and the parades.
And all of our great pictures add to the color of our newspaper.
We are here to tell you about fundraisers, and the generous givers who help to finance the many projects in our town, like scholarships for students going to college.
We are here to honor the best of the best in our community. The law enforcement officers who watch out for our safety and first responders who are on call 24 hours a day.
We are here to print the positive news, as well as some bad news. If it’s bad, well, we try to expand on, or uncover solutions to make our community a better place.
And finally we are here because of your continued support, year after year.
Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you.

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