When All Else Fails, Shop On The Beach

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December 13, 2018

After 30 years even the best of toilets give out, so this is not a complaint about the toilet, however, it had pretty much given up the ghost.

When we went to Loreto and there was a big hardware store which had everything under the sun, we decided that what we needed was a new toilet. Toilets are something which really have improved in the last 30 years. They use a lot less water and they work.

Now we insisted on the best toilet they had, and we were willing to pay for the best, however, as it was being loaded the men said: “complete,” and we said “of course.”

But the workers wanted to load a pedestal sink as well as the toilet. We said “no just the toilet.” They said, “No senior, this comes in only a complete set for one special price. We can not sell you just the toilet.”

Since it was already loaded we said, “Oh well we will find a place for the sink somewhere … maybe back in the states,” and we drove off.

The next week our repair man was about to install the toilet when we found one problem. The tank was one color and the bottom was another. No problem, no one will ever notice. This is Mexico.

Then the repair man asked for silicon. We had silicon but it was hard as a rock. So it mean’t driving 30 miles to town and back.

“No wait,” said Kathy. “You can beach shop.”

Now why didn’t I think of that. Beach shopping is so common in our area. We do it and others who live close to us, do it all the time.

You need an extra egg for breakfast, go next door. You run out of drinking water, you ask if someone can spare a jug until you get to town.

In this case, we needed silicon and after asking a half dozen people, we found one who had what we wanted. He didn’t have a gun to shoot it with but we had a gun. So all went well until we tried to installed the seat.

Wouldn’t you know the seat we had was about an inch and a half shorter than the new toilet required. The thought crossed our mind: Have butts really gotten that much bigger?

Now there is a limit to our beach shopping habits.

There is no way we are going around the beach community and asking if someone had a long toilet seat!

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