The Size Of Motorhomes Getter Bigger

December 14, 2017

There seems to be no limit on the size of the motorhomes that are coming down to Mexico this time of the year — many all the way from Canada. Baja California Sur is a destination for these big rigs with rollout sides, making them as large as a house when all set up.

These motorhomes have everything: solar power, gas generators, television, Internet and sometimes more than one bedroom. They can cost well over a $100,000, and take up all the narrow road which is available in Mexico.

One man who just brought down his large motorhome said, “I keep my right wheel on the middle line and don’t worry about the left one.”

He was asked, what happens when the Mexican road does not have a white line in the middle, as is sometime the case?

He replied: “Then I pray!”

Once down here, the big rigs have plenty of room on the beaches, and the cost for a big rig is usually the same as a smaller rig. The charge is approximately 150 pesos a night, or less than $9. This does not include any hookups but there are places to dump the dump tanks and usually fresh water is available.

For every big motorhome, there are two or three rigs of the home-built variety, which include every imaginable thing one would want in Mexico. Most rigs have bicycles and kayaks, big cooler chests, fishing gear, propane tanks, and some kind of a camper on top of a pickup bed.

How the owners get these things loaded, and then unloaded at their destination, is amazing. And they do it in a very short time as the campers may only stop at each beach for a couple of days as they make their way south.

These smaller rigs are not owned by the rich and famous, although the rich and famous have been found on these little Baja beaches too. Most of these rigs are owned by people with a limited income who just need a break from the cold weather up north.

Mexico is easy to reach and the visa is cheap. One must have a valid passport, not so much to get into the country, but to get back out of the country. A visa is good for up to 180 days, and so are auto insurance policies which are a must when traveling by car.

Not everyone travels by car and the buses in Mexico are not the chicken buses of one’s imagination. These are first class buses, often with televisions and easy lean back seats which make travel comfortable. From the border to our town which is 600 miles the cost is about $100.

Or you can put together your own Baja rig.

You won’t be alone.

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