Christmas Boat Parade Lights Up The ‘Bahia’

December 21, 2017

It is a tradition on Christmas Eve, in our beach community, to get all the boaters together and have them put lights on their boats, then sail along the shore of Bahia Conception, playing music as we go.

The tradition has had some problems in the past.

The last time we decorated our boat was two years ago, and the inverter, which we plugged our lights into, drained our battery.

When it was time to start the engine it wouldn’t start. No problem, we just sat out in the bay and cheered the other boats on.

One of the boats was designated the “Music Boat,” and it had a full set of amplifiers and boom box which were set up in a separate boat to be towed behind one of the power boats.

When they started the power boat, the motor sprayed water completely over the amplifiers and the boom box, and needless to say, there was no music that night.

Other Christmas Eves have had their own problems. One such Christmas eve, the largest sailboat anchored in the bay was lit up like a Christmas tree with lights going to the top of the mast. It was loaded with partiers when it went aground about a mile and a half south of our beach community.

It was no fun for the crew who had to jump overboard in that cool dark water and push the boat off the sand bottom.

Needless to say, it took a lot of rum to keep that crew warm on the ride back home.

We had other stories of boats getting lost in the dark, running out of gas, and the usual things that boaters always contend with.

This year, we are thinking about decorating our boat to be in the parade. There will be no hooking up the battery the day before. We also won’t be taking our sailboat, so the chance of getting the keel stuck in the sand will be out of the question.

What we are looking for is good weather.

The best Christmas Boat Lighting Parade ever was one night when everything was pitch dark. As the bows of the boats broke the water, the phosphoresence from the algae in the water came to light.

It was a gorgeous night and a Christmas Eve we will long remember.

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