December 29, 2016

No one has a crystal ball to tell what lies ahead in 2017, however, if we had, we would make some very positive predictions. First and foremost, is the rebound of housing.
For too long the squeeze has been placed on home financing which has been over-regulated and not in step with the needs of the country.
Yes, admittedly there were mistakes 10 years ago, however, those were mistakes which came down from the administration and the Fed.
On the local level the county and city have resolved the revenue sharing problem, which we might add, was long overdue and stalled local growth.
Jobs are on the increase, and unemployment is down, but still not down low enough.
With employment comes the ability to purchase large ticket items. Cars which have high miles can be traded in for new or low mileage vehicles. New appliances are needed as well as home heating and cooling units which have outlasted their usefulness.
We feel that a higher degree of security will be needed to see that people can live in a safe environment. Law enforcement agencies will receive the manpower (and womanpower) they need to do their job.
Roads will be part of that growth and long-needed repairs will get the attention they need.
New people on the Board of Supervisors, as well as the City Councils, will bring in a breath of fresh air, and ideas to cope with the problems which counties and cities deal with on a continuing basis.
Taxes will be reduced; not only on a personal basis, but on a business basis. Making a profit should not be considered a sin. With profit comes the ability for businesses to expand and provide more jobs.
Schools, colleges and universities will receive the funding they need to provide the curriculum which our young people need to be successful. Some solution to the skyrocketing cost of student loans will need to be put in place. What’s the sense of having education which leaves the student indentured for life?
Nevertheless, manufacturing has to return to this valley. The empty industrial hulls which line our industrial parks need to be reopened and modernized. This requires capitol investment from people who want to return this region to its days of glory.
We predict a bumper year in agriculture with ample water to allow this valley to be this country’s bread basket.
We predict that a better water plan will come out of this dispute over who gets how much of the water from our rivers.
We predict there will be a slowdown of the job drain to other countries, and the playing field will become more balanced. We can not compete with manufacturing of products when our competitors pay a fraction of the labor cost that we do.
We predict that the minimum wage will rise — but in direct proportion to the production of the work force, as there can be no way such increases can be made without increasing the value of what we produce.
Finally, it does not bother us that the new administration is hand picking the brightest and most successful people in this nation, and we predict that these people will bring America up to the next step.
We predict a very successful 2017.

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